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Does anywhere exist that is truly abandoned? 

'Abandoned?' A journey exploring the beauty and the transformation of abandoned places in Europe

We’re very excited to announce the cinema premiere of the documentary film ‘Abandoned?’ at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona on Wednesday September 18th 2013 at 19:30.

The premiere is of the Spanish version and will be screened every Wednesday until 9th October at the same time. The film is 65 minutes long and will be followed by a cinema forum of around 45 minutes when there will be questions and answers with the film’s director and/or members of the team.

Tickets can now be bought online for 6.50€ at Cinemes Girona, Barcelona

There will be a mini-exhibition of photography from the ‘Abandoned?’ project in the cinema’s foyer from the 11th September 2013.

Cinemes Girona,

C/Girona 175

08037 Barcelona

Tel: 93 118 45 31

TNMC Phasing II

TNMC Phasing 1

TNMC Construction Phases

GA will be speaking at Artists In Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2013-14 in February 2014, in Pune, India.

by Deniz Cem ÖNDUYGU

Stop-motion movie #2; experiment #5.2: GADKnightRises! 

This prototype is from the GADRise project.

You can notice the coarse texture - this one was sent as a low polygon model, hence the rough finishing inside the curved holes. Below are some photos of the same model’s high and even higher polygon versions. 

Serra Gate

Serra Gate

Serra Gate

3d Prototyping at GADLabs

Legs on!

Mouse on Mars - They know your name

Hydrodynamics lab experiments used for a new video clip.

After shooting Gad projects, Gadrone is under maintenance.

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